Who am I? It is actually easier for me to begin with who I am not. I am not a professional writer. I am not even an amateur writer for that matter. Originally I started this blog as a place to post my notes from a class that I teach periodically at a church, called GrowthPoint classes. I thought it would be a way for the students to get caught up if they missed a class. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had a lot to share and not enough class time to share many of the things I would like. This led me to begin writing other blog posts in addition to just the class notes. My skills as a writer are sorely lacking, which is evident to me as I read the blogs of many others here on WordPress, where I have seen some impressive writing talents displayed. Color me impressed! The purpose of my writing is to get my ideas out in a way that they are somewhat easily understood. Mostly this is done in a clunky and not-so-elegant fashion. But I’m OK with that. My goal, as I said, is to explain things in a way that pretty much anyone can understand the things I am trying to get across.

Most of my post relate to Christian teaching. However, I often find that my beliefs and opinions don’t always fit into the box of traditional Christianity. I think if Jesus was walking around in our world today he also would not agree with a lot of the attitudes and actions of the church, particularly in the western world. Much like large governments the church has had a very long time to become bureaucratic and lose site of the mission and values of the original institution. I don’t mean to bash the church, but I do think it is time to begin to separate the traditions of man from the true, original mission of the church. Sometimes we get wrapped up in rules and the letter of the law, when God Himself (as demonstrated by His Son Jesus) is all about the spirit of the law (such as the account of the woman caught in the act of adultery mentioned in the book of John). On the flip side, we shouldn’t have the attitude of “anything goes” so live life any way that makes you happy. I believe as we begin to learn about the personality and character of God (through studying His Word) we will be able to strike that balance.

I had a life-changing epiphany more than forty years ago, causing me to begin a close personal relationship with Jesus. I have been through a lot of difficult times but also a lot of wonderful times in my life and I have never regretted the decision I made way back then. I have grown and matured in my faith and I will continue to do so until I leave this world. I am no better than the worst person on this earth, but I am also of no less value than the most important person on this earth. I am flawed but loved by my Heavenly Father.

God has given me a passion in the last few years to reach out and help those that are broken and hurting; to show them His love and healing touch. The group that He has given me the most compassion for and the greatest passion to reach are those suffering with torments such as depression, bipolar, anxiety, ptsd, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, guilt, worthlessness, mental and emotional pain, addictions, self-harm, eating disorders, etc. I have had the privilege of helping a number of people, through the power of Christ, to break free of these strongholds and torments, permanently. God has delivered them in a powerful way, restoring their lives to a normal state, permanently free and completely healed of their mental illness!