“DID JESUS HAVE A GOOD JOB?” – Jesus In Light Of Today’s Societal Standards



None of us was alive two millennia ago, so it is difficult for us to relate to the time that Jesus lived. I thought it would be interesting to measure Jesus’ life and lifestyle against today’s standards of a successful life. I want to do this by asking, “Did Jesus” questions. I will consider one of these questions per post.

Today’s question: “Did Jesus have a good job?”

It seems like a big part of the American dream today is to have a good job. Some even say they are blessed to have a good job. Many of us invest a lot of time and money into getting an education in order to get a good job and having a good career. Many have spent hours crafting a great resume hoping it will help them land a good job.

Most of us want a job that pays us well and has a lot of perks. Some of us want a job that garners respect from those around us, while the amount of monetary compensation isn’t as important. Most of us want a better job than we currently have, or a promotion, or at least a raise in pay.

Jesus most-likely learned the skilled trade of the man that was chosen to raise him, Joseph. He received mentorship and training in the occupation of carpentry. But Jesus’ interests did not lie in carpentry. His interest was in learning something else; the Law and the Prophets. He had a passion and desire to learn God’s word.

Jesus had the opportunity to have a good job. He could have worked hard as a carpenter and made money while enjoying the respect of those in his community, but He didn’t see that as something to be chased after. Instead, He chased after the things that were close to the heart of His heavenly father; truth, justice, grace, mercy, and most-importantly lost and hurting people like me and you.

If Jesus thought hurting and broken people were more important to chase after than a good job, maybe we should too!


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