the story of “ME”



The most important person in the world today is ME. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Everywhere I turn I am being bombarded with messages about ME and how important I am.

Let me introduce you to ME…


The most important person in most wealthy countries, such as the U.S., is ME. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Everywhere I turn I am being bombarded with messages about ME and how important I am.

Let me introduce you to ME…


When I turn on my TV there are commercials that are offering products and services just for ME. They remind me that I am special and I deserve whatever wonderful thing they are selling. They are selling cruises, luxury get-away vacations, spa treatments, sporting equipment, hiking adventures, ski trips, amusement parks, tickets to sporting events, glamorous Vegas shows, casinos, and dance clubs. All of these were made for ME, just for ME. I deserve to be pampered and to enjoy this life!

Advertisements introduce me to my new sporty vehicle that I can park in the garage of my beautiful home that is furnished with beautiful decor, including a magnificent kitchen that I can use when I am not out dining at any number of gourmet restaurants. Having a house that is large and beautiful must also be surrounded by a beautifully manicured and decorated yard (which should be the best in the neighborhood). All this is for ME. It is important for ME to not only live in luxurious comfort but also to make sure everyone else can tell that I am living the life! I deserve it.

What good does all of this stuff do for me if I don’t have the love of my life to share it with? I deserve a spouse or significant other that is not only attractive, but uber-attractive. After all, who wants to waste their relative wealth on a partner who is only “average” in appearance! Because it isn’t easy for ME to meet my perfect match, companies have developed dating apps and services to help me achieve the goal that I so deserve.

How can I afford all of this? I need a good job that pays a lot of money. They should pay ME an extravagant salary because I am the best asset this company has! If they don’t recognize my value, I will find some other company that does! They are very fortunate to have ME working for them.

Sometimes I just don’t get it; there are actually a lot of people that I run across in life that just don’t seem to get how fit, attractive, tough, savvy, confident, smart, funny, talented, and pretty close to perfect that I am! I feel sorry for those people. I guess they aren’t smart enough to recognize greatness when they see it. It must be sad to be one of the “little people” who are basically only here to serve ME.

If only I could get all those other people who are under the mistaken impression that they are as good as me, to understand that they are not, my life would be a whole lot better. When I see all those “wanna-be MEs” at work, in the stores, in the restaurants, and in the clubs, they fail to give me the respect I deserve. This doesn’t make me happy. THEY are interfering with my ability to enjoy the life I deserve. Who do they think they are anyway?! That’s why I do everything I can think of, every chance I get, to bring them down a notch. It’s not that I am being mean, it’s just that they are not as important as ME. Don’t judge me; you are inferior to me so you don’t have the right. On the other hand, I am superior to you so it is OK for me to judge you. It’s not fault if I’m misunderstood. If you don’t like me, that’s your problem!

…And that’s the story of ME.

We all can relate to ME; some of us more and some less, but we can all relate on some level. But what happens in a world full of MEs? In this world people step on others to get ahead. In this world people demean others to affirm themselves. In this world people are petty and jealous and do not play well with others. In this world MEs hurt others emotionally, financially, and physically. In this world there filled with violence against one another. In this world the life of YOU is destroyed for infinitesimal gain by ME. In this world the rules of decency and humanity quickly break down. And sadly, like it or not, this is the world we have all been born into.

You might argue that my portrayal is too dark and bleak, too pessimistic. You might argue that good, kind-hearted, well-meaning people are making a difference in our world. You might argue that most people are really good at heart and that evil is an aberration that only affects a small minority of people. You might argue all of these things… but you would be wrong.

ME is conceited, self-serving and can even be cruel. ME is a part of each of us that we were born with. If you have ever acted in a selfish manner, or  ME would say that he should be allowed to do whatever he wants because he isn’t hurting anyone else. By the way, did I mention that ME is also a liar? Everything ME does effects someone else in a negative way.

How about we just sit ME down and reason with him? That should straighten him out, right? Wrong. Maybe we should send him to a professional like a therapist or psychologist? Wrong again. Maybe with the proper diet and exercise ME can learn to be a better person? Negative. I know, how about herbal supplements, homeopathic treatments, or medications? Nope. ME is like a lion living on the African Savannah. He looks regal, powerful, majestic, beautiful. But no matter how hard you try to tame him, he still has his base instincts and can turn on you and rip you to pieces at any moment. ME can’t be tamed.

ME has been around since the beginning of the world. The bible sometimes refers to ME as “the flesh”, “the carnal man”, or “the old man”. The first step in conquering the ME in us is to recognize the work that Jesus did on the cross two millennia ago, breaking the power of sin and spiritual death. He paid the price for all of the things we have ever done wrong. We simply need to acknowledge who he is (God’s son) and that he was crucified, buried and resurrected three days later. Then we need to ask his forgiveness and turn from our ME ways. By giving our heart and lives over to Jesus, we are truly changed. However, the scriptures tell us that we then have to crucify or kill the ME that lives in us. We have to do it every day, because ME just keeps trying to come back to life. This is simply a part of everyday life for a Christ-follower. It is amazing how powerfully our lives can be changed by the simple, willful act of surrendering our lives over to God.


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