Victim Offenders


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It has been said that “hurting people hurt people”.

Why is it that so often those who are victims later turn and victimize others? The pain that was inflicted upon them was real and deep, yet many end up putting others through the very same unspeakable trauma to which they themselves have been subjected. For many it becomes a cycle of abuse. You might think as civilized, caring people we would not want anyone to have to suffer through the terrible things that we have been through, but you would be wrong.

It is natural for a animal that is injured to lash out and attack those around it. Even people, when experiencing physical pain, often can stressed and lash out verbally at others. But in neither case does the one that is injured set out to injure those around them in the same way they are injured. I remember a time when I had an abscessed tooth and was in a great deal of pain. My dad and I went to the store to get something to dull the pain. I remember him asking me a simple question at which point I reacted angrily, yelling at him. It wasn’t that I wanted to treat my father badly, it was just a result of the pain I was experiencing. Having said that, it is important to note that, at no time did I have an inclination or compunction to hit him in the mouth so as to cause him the same type of pain that was plaguing me. Though a valiant attempt to explain, this is not a plausible explanation for why an abuse victim becomes an abuser.

Could it be that the same thing that caused the original abuser to perpetrate abuse on their victim, also cause the victim to repeat the abuse on another person? I believe the answer is “yes.”

Modern science attempts to find patterns and correlations. Then it sets out to determine cause and effect. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to figure out what is the cause and what is the effect. At times, it is even possible for us to get it wrong. A prime example is a concept known as spontaneous generation. Spontaneous generation states that frogs are created when the water, mud and grass are combined under the right circumstances. Scientist had observed that frog and ponds were always found together. From this observation, they came to the conclusion that the frogs were being spontaneously generated from the combination of the water, mud and grass. As recently as a few hundred years ago, this concept was widely accepted by the scientific community as fact. It is easy for us to dismiss this “old science” as primitive and ignorant, but you have to remember that this was advanced scientific reasoning at that time. Is it possible that in our human arrogance we believe we have everything in our world figured out? I guess we will know in a few hundred years!

So is it possible that there is something that exists that is unseen in the physical world that is behind the terrible behavior exhibited by the abuser? If so, is it possible that this unseen agent can be transferred from one person to another; from the abuser to the abused; transferred somehow through the acts of abuse themselves?

One area that science has little to no knowledge about is the spiritual realm. Since science is based on observation and measurement it isn’t well suited to explore the spiritual realm. Could there be spiritual forces in our world that could compel people to become abusers? Could these same spiritual forces be transferred from abuser to victim, transforming victim into abuser? I believe there is much more to the spiritual realm than most of us realize. The more we learn about the spiritual realm around us, the more we can find answers to many of the poorly understood things we experience in this life. This spiritual realm is composed of billions of beings that are allied on one side or the other of a cosmic conflict. One is a kingdom of light and the other is a kingdom of darkness. One is the kingdom of God, the creator of the universe, and the other, the kingdom of his arch enemy Satan. Before you dismiss everything I have said here as simple-minded bible mythology, give it some thought and see if it makes sense. If you are a person who prides yourself on being open-minded and a person who sincerely desires to know truth and to find truth, spend some time pondering on the things I have said and don’t immediately dismiss it.

Those who desire truth and earnestly seek after truth will eventually find it.


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