Loosing Weight

Loosing Weight (…I know. I meant to spell it that way.)

Lose weight text with measure tape and fruits

America has an obsession with weight. Some spend hours thinking about how they can lose weight. Some make drastic, healthy lifestyle changes to get to and maintain the perfect weight. Some who don’t battle with being overweight, feel superior to those who carry extra pounds. There are people at both extremes in this area: those that are obsessed with their diet and exercise; and those who compulsively eat and continue to gain weight. I haven’t told you anything so far that you didn’t already know. So why am I rambling on about stuff you already know? I want to draw a parallel between the physical body weight that we carry, with the spiritual weight that we carry. We all carry around spiritual baggage. Some of us carry a small amount and some of us carry a lot.

The crazy thing is that even the people that are physically health conscious and don’t carry any extra weight on their physical bodies, often carry a huge amount of spiritual weight that weighs them down…and they don’t even realize it! If you are physically fit but loaded down with the heavy weight of spiritual baggage, you are not truly healthy. You may get praise and compliments from your peers about how great you look, how healthy you are, or how you seem to have it all together, yet you are struggling on the inside. Struggling to make it through life, carrying all this extra weight. This extra spiritual baggage is common to all of us.

So what kind of heavy spiritual baggage am I talking about? The list is long. A few examples are: anger, low self-concept, shame, anxiety, fear, loneliness, hurt, rejection, depression, addiction, abuse, unforgiveness, bitterness and even hatred. This is just the short-list; the entire list contains many, many more pieces of baggage.

You may be asking yourself, “But how did I get this baggage in the first place? I don’t remember going shopping for luggage and picking these bags out. And if I was looking for bags to carry, these certainly wouldn’t be the ones I would choose.” In some cases it is a result of choices that you have made in your life. In other cases, somebody else piled the bags on your shoulders without your permission.

As followers of Jesus we need to rid ourselves of this spiritual baggage, with His help, so we can be effective servants of Christ. This baggage hinders our relationship with Jesus and is spiritually unhealthy. To get rid of the baggage sometimes takes discipline on our part. Sometimes it takes the help of an accountability partner. Sometimes it takes prayer. Sometimes it takes spiritual deliverance. The first step is recognizing your baggage. The next step is finding it’s roots and figuring out the best way to get rid of them. The last step is to pluck it out of your life. Dealing with the root gets rid of the fruit. God wants you to be free. He doesn’t want you to live in bondage under the weight of your spiritual baggage.


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