Witchcraft in the Church (Growthpoint Week 1 Notes)

For those in my Growthpoint class, I am posting my notes here. This series is based on the book “Exposing Witchcraft in the Church” by Rick Godwin.

Week 1


-Basically, witchcraft is Satanic power. It is Satan’s way of imposing his will on your will and imposing emotions, behaviors, or circumstances on people they would not otherwise want. Witchcraft imposes its power primarily through curses and spells.

-Divination is fortune-telling. Predicting the future is a significant way by which Satan drags people into his net because there is a tremendous, insatiable desire to know the future. Divination can also be found in the church–sometimes masquerading as prophecy.

-Sorcery is that which operates through objects. These objects become a means through which the supernatural power of Satan is released. Amulets, charms, potions, drugs, and at times music can also fit this category.


-Two wives were both married to men that were unfaithful. The men spent more money than they earned ad neither of them honored their wives with dignity and respect. The wives, in turn, searched for an outlet to deal with their rejection. One woman, who went to a church where social drinking was acceptable, turned to the bottle and became and alcoholic. The other lady, who went to a church where social drinking wasn’t acceptable, turned to food instead of alcohol. Both became addicts. As it turns out the addictions were the fruit but the rejection was the root. A key to their recovery will be to forgive their husbands. If they don’t they will never go free. They may get a temporary fix, but the addiction will come right back, perhaps even worse.


-When you treat the root, you treat the fruit.

-In 1 Samuel 15:23, King Saul is rebuked by God through the prophet Samuel saying, “for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft; and stubbornness is likened to idolatry. This is after King Saul fails to completely obey God’s instruction in the battle against the Amelekites.


-A person makes an idol of all of his opinions. His opinions become gods to him. Such idolatry takes place in the church and in the pew every single day.


-Rebellion and witchcraft are as alike as identical twin sisters. In the ministry of deliverance if you find one, you’d better look for the other one. If witchcraft is there, so is rebellion. If rebellion is there, look for witchcraft. They are seldom separated.

-In the New Testament witchcraft is described in two ways — first, as a work of the flesh; second, as an evil spiritual power. In Galatians chapter three, Paul says, “Who has bewitched you that you should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed among you as crucified?” An evil spiritual power had come upon the Galatians, blinding them to the work of the cross. They started trusting in their Jewishness and circumcision instead of experiencing the grace that comes by trusting Jesus Christ. In Galatians 5:19-20, Paul includes witchcraft and idolatry as works of the flesh along with adultery fornication hatred, murder, and drunkenness. Rebellion is a work of the flesh because it is the rejection of God’s legitimate authority.

-Men have within them the innate desire to subdue and have dominion. If that desire to subdue and have dominion is expressed in a fleshly, illegitimate way, it is an expression of witchcraft. It becomes illegitimate when the person in control attempts to coerce or manipulate people to do what they otherwise would not do.

-When you discover the essence of witchcraft, you will find it on TV, hear it in the pulpit, and observe it in the business world. You may even find it in your own relationship with your spouse or children.


-There are three key words that act as caution flags in identifying witchcraft: manipulation, domination, and intimidation. Whenever you run into these three things, an evil spirit lurks not far behind. This is the devil’s modus operandi. God never manipulates God never dominates and God never intimidates.


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