Stop Hiding Behind the Bushes


Adam and Eve hid behind the bushes in the garden of Eden. At first they freely walked with God and talked with God. Then they messed up and sinned, doing what they knew they shouldn’t. It was at that point that embarrassment and shame set in. They didn’t want God to see them naked, even though He had seen them that way many times before. In reality, the nakedness that they were ashamed of was not so much the nakedness of their physical bodies, but it was more the shame they felt since their souls had been bared. Now God could see that they had done wrong and they didn’t want Him to know that they had done anything bad. Their solution was to hide behind the bushes, thinking that would prevent God from seeing what they had done.

God created us for fellowship (walking and talking) with Him. Adam and Eve ruined that when they disobeyed God by doing what He asked them not to do. Finally, Jesus came into the world and repaired the broken relationship between God and us. But for some reason, we tend to act the same way as Adam and Eve, spending all of our time hiding behind the bushes. Is it for the same reason they hid? Are we ashamed of something we’ve done? There isn’t one of us who hasn’t done something they are ashamed of. But if you have asked forgiveness and repented, then you can come out from behind the bushes because you no longer have anything that needs to be covered up. When God forgives you, He throws your sin into the Sea of Forgetfulness and doesn’t remember it anymore. God desires to walk with you and talk with you, but that’s a little difficult when you are hiding behind the bushes. So why not come on out and have the close relationship with your heavenly father that He desires to have with you!


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