A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Recently I was teaching a class on Spiritual Weapons Training at my church. As I was writing my notes for the class I wanted to find a way to present to the class an overview about the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness that opposes God’s kingdom. I sat down and began to write a parable/story.  Below is the resulting story, which I titled “A Tale of Two Kingdoms.”


A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Once upon a time there was a great kingdom called the Kingdom of God. This kingdom was ruled by a king named Jehova. All was well until there was an uprising in the kingdom. Lucifer, one of the high-ranking generals in the kingdom attempted to overthrow King Jehova. As a result, King Jehova kicked Lucifer and his rebellious followers, which numbered about a third of the inhabitants, out of the kingdom. Upon his banishment from the Kingdom of God, Lucifer’s name was changed to Satan. Satan then created his own rival kingdom, with his fellow outcasts as his subjects. Satan set himself up as ruler and dictator over this new kingdom, called the Kingdom of Darkness.

King Jehova, from his throne, created the earth. And on this new earth, he created mankind. His plan was for mankind to walk with him in an intimate relationship. Those he created were only two in number and he named them Adam and Eve. King Jehova loved his new creation, man most of all. He created a wonderful and luxurious garden for man to live in. He and the man walked together and talked every day. In those day, there was peace throughout the land of the earth.

Meanwhile, King Satan who, by this time, hated King Jehova, and was his sworn enemy. King Satan and his Kingdom of Darkness began to wage war on King Jehova and his Kingdom of God. Unfortunately for King Satan, his kingdom was weaker and outnumbered. However, thanks to the hatred in his heart, King Satan would not stop his war on the Kingdom of Heaven, despite the fact that he was highly unsuccessful. As long as he had breath in his body, he would not give up.

Now King Satan saw the special relationship that Jehova had with his creation, man. King Satan especially hated man because of this special relationship between man and his creator King Jehova. He also found in man, a new target for his attacks. He had found a weak spot in King Jehova’s armor, his Achilles Heel. If he could hurt man, he would be able to hurt King Jehova, because of Jehova’s deep love for man.

Now man was a weaker and more fragile creature than were King Satan and his army of rebels. This made man an easy target. So King Satan began his first assault against man in the garden where man lived. He didn’t choose kill man outright, but instead he did something even worse… he used his best weapon to turn man against King Jehova. What was this great weapon that he used, you ask? The Lie. If he could get Adam and Eve to believe his lie, he would have won. And that, you see, is how Satan turned man against King Jehova.

The day Adam and Eve rebelled against their creator and king, was the day that the spirit in man died. They no longer had a free and open relationship with Jehova and they were now enemies of Jehova, which by default now made them subjects in the Kingdom of Darkness to be ruled over by their new king, Satan. Sadly, their innocence was lost and their relationship with Jehova was gone forever… Or was it?

But do not fret. King Jehova had already anticipated this crafty move by his adversary King Satan and had a counterattack plan ready. King Jehova announced his plan on the very day that man first rebelled. He told Satan that he one day, a man, a descendent of Adam and Eve would battle with him. Furthermore, this man would be bruised on his heel by Satan, but that, in turn, Satan’s head would crushed by this man. For the next four thousand years, man, the descendants of Adam and Eve, would attempt over and over to re-establish their original relationship with King Jehova, but to no avail. Some were able to follow him as his subjects in his kingdom, but they could never get back to that original intimate relationship with King Jehova. Others never even tried, being content to live as subjects in the Kingdom of Darkness, and serve King Satan. Life was difficult for man during these times.

Finally, at the appointed time, this special man, the descendent of Adam and Eve, the one who was spoken about on that day long, long, ago, arrived on the earth. Though man knew he was coming, most didn’t recognize him upon his arrival. Some thought he might be “the one”, but rejected the idea when he did not conform to their preconceived ideas about who and what he was to be. Nonetheless, he finished his work, and won the war, defeating King Satan and pronouncing on him a death sentence, to be carried out at the end of the age.

It just so happened that this man, “the one”, was the son of King Jehova, the only son of King Jehova. During his battle with Satan, he not only defeated Satan, but he also defeated hell and death. He paid the price for man, that man owed to King Jehova for his rebellion. He restored the broken relationship between King Jehova and man. Now, finally, it was possible for man to again have that intimate relationship with Jehova that their ancestor Adam had with him, thousands of years before, in the garden. This was cause for great celebration!

Sadly however, many among mankind failed to understand what King Jehova’s son had truly accomplished and they went on living the same way man had since the beginning… in rebellion to King Jehova. Some of mankind did understand the basic idea and became followers of the Son, however the relationship they chose to have with King Jehova and his son was a very superficial one. This made King Jehova and his son sad. All King Jehova ever wanted from man since the beginning, was an intimate relationship with him. Yet though many had the knowledge of the son’s work, few truly understood the heart of their king.

Seeing that only a precious few of mankind, though given the opportunity, chose to have that intimate relationship with Jehova and his son, King Satan was thrilled. King Satan swelled with pride for he knew he was responsible for keeping all of the rest from being restored into this relationship with King Jehova. Some of mankind Satan duped into believing the lie that Jehova didn’t exist. For others he led them to believe that Jehova did exist but they did not need Him to rule over them. Others he told the lie that Jehova was there to serve them, not the other way around. For many who believed in Jehova and his son, Satan told the lie that they had a great relationship with King Jehova and his son and that there was no longer any need to strive to get closer to Jehova.

Those of mankind that really did not have any sort of relationship with King Jehova were the easiest ones for King Satan to deal with. Though they didn’t realize it, they were subjects in his kingdom and he was able to use them as pawns or puppets, while the whole time they thought they were totally in control of their own lives.

Those of mankind that had only a formal relationship with King Jehova were slightly more difficult for Satan to deal with. But as long as he could keep them believing that they had no need for an intimate relationship with King Jehova and his son, they were not going to cause him any problems.

Those of mankind that truly understood that King Jehova wished to have an intimate personal relationship with him; those were the ones who put Satan and his kingdom on high alert. The more these strived to get closer in their relationship with Jehova and his son, the more concerned King Satan became. Not only were they already in an intimate personal relationship with King Jehova, but now there was the risk of them getting close enough to Jehova and his son to discover that they were in a war against King Satan. Worse yet, they might discover that King Jehova had provided them with powerful and effective weapons and an instruction manual to go along with them. This could be disastrous for King Satan and his Kingdom of Darkness. What if they were to pick up these weapons and start defending themselves from Satan’s attacks. What if they were to begin using some of the offensive weapons to actually begin to fight back. And worst of all… what if they “went to the enemy’s camp” and took back what King Satan had stolen from them, setting countless prisoners free! Imagine, if ten soldiers were able to attack the prisoner of war camp and set a hundred of the captives free. And, in turn, each of those newly freed soldiers could then be trained to do the same. After being trained, each of the one hundred could, in turn, free another hundred prisoners. This growth could go on geometrically. Can you imagine a world where the citizens of the Kingdom of God were no longer locked in prisons, or walking around wrapped in chains, or trapped under the weight their enemy Satan has place on them? Can you imagine if Jehova’s people were able to break free from sicknesses, diseases, oppression, depression, anxiety, addiction, compulsions, habitual secret sin, and psychological torture and torment… and to stay free? King Satan must never allow this to happen… at any cost.

The End?


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